Webinar CU&EBN nt. rzeczywistości rozszerzonej w branży kreatywnej

Wraz z Coventry University Research Institute polecamy webinar Coventry University oraz European Business & Innovation Network (EBN) nt. technologii rzeczywistości rozszerzonej dla działań komercyjnych, społecznych i edukacyjnych w branżach kreatywnych: “Extended Reality Solutions for Creative Industries like Metaverse, XR/AR, and Digital Media”.

Środa 25.01 godz. 16:00 Rejestracja: https://bit.ly/3BRUPuO 

Więcej info nt. tego i kolejnych webinarów: https://bit.ly/3HSP8R2

Kilka słów od organizatorów:

We wanted to draw to your attention a series of webinars that Coventry University is organising jointly with one of our European networks, European Business & Innovation Network (EBN), focusing on the transformative power of innovation through digital, simulation, immersive and experiential technologies.

During the live webinar academics from Coventry University Faculty of Arts and Humanities will explain how its new immersive strategy will embed immersive practices and technologies into all aspects of its commercial, community, and teaching-learning activities.

Our speakers, Bianca Wright, PhD and Shaun Hides, together with Simon Wright from CX Ninjas and Gren Spencer from Wireframe XR will examine the approach the Faculty is taking and how it has worked with different businesses and sectors to develop new ways of working with students, staff, industry, community, and research while contending with the very real challenges of such radical changes in practice. Their presentation will explore lessons learned through the Hack, Hyper, and Immersive projects with academics and their industry projects such as the 5G Creative Explorer project.

Other planned webinars on ‘Extended Reality Solutions for…” for the following themes:

  • Healthcare Simulation & 5G – 1 March 2023, 3 pm GMT/4 pm CET
  • Transport and Mobility – 19 Apr 2023, 3 pm GMT/4 pm (TBC)
  • Digital Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 – 31 May 2023, 3 pm GMT/4 pm (TBC)